Shopping Guide

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■Request a Quote/Purchase

Step1:Adding items that you’d like us to quote to your Quote List
After selecting number of quantity that you’d like to purchase, please click on “Request a Quote”. And your selected items are added in “My Quote List”.
You can request for quotation about multiple items simultaneously.
Please add all items that you’d like us to quote to the list.

Step2:Sending your request for quotation to us
In the page of “My Quote List”,
please check your selected items again, fill in the blanks of your information and click “Send”.

Step3:Receiving our Auto-reply.
Our Auto-reply will reach your email address.
Please check your received email.
(It’s possible that our auto-reply doesn’t reach you on account of your usage environment, setting of countermeasure against SPAM mail.
Please set in advance so that you can receive our message sent from the address;

Step4:Receiving to check our quotation
After checking availability and shipping cost,
we send you our quotation within about 2 working days.
You can click on “View Quote” in the email to check our quotation.
If you have any inquiries, you can ask us from the field of “Comments”.
If you don’t purchase this time, please click on “Reject Proposal” in the top-right corner of this page.
And our quotation becomes null and void.

Step5:Purchasing with Payment
If you’re happy to purchase, please click on “Accept & Checkout” to proceed to the page of Payment.
In the page of Payment, please fill in the fields of necessary information about billing address, etc. to complete payment.
Once confirming your payment, we’ll arrange for shipment.

■Payment/ Cancellation/

We accept with shop Pay, PayPal and Google Pay for Express-checkout, Credit card, PayPal, Bank Deposit and T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) for payment.
When you would like to transfer payment in Japan, please choose “Bank Deposit (Domestic Transfer)”.
When you would like to transfer payment from outside Japan, please choose “T/T (International Telegraphic Transfer)”.
And we can send you “order confirmation” by email.
After you reply to our email, we’ll send you further instructions for payment.
All paying banks charge concerning T/T shall be charged to your account.Please make a payment in Japanese yen.
After our confirmation of your payment in full, we arrange for shipment.
If we cannot confirm your payment within 5 working days after the Invoice’s issuing date, your order will be automatically, cancelled.

■Shipping & Delivery

You cannot change the way of shipment after your placing an order.

After receiving your request for quote, We’ll send you quotation of your requested items including shipping cost.

If you have no special request about shipping method, upon the quantity of your order, we’ll calculate the shipping cost to suggest you the best way of shipment.

In the case of shipment by courier, we’ll use EMS/ECMS/UPS and deliver goods up to your door.

In the case of bulk order, we can arrange for shipment by container vessel. We can offer you at either EXW, FOB or CIF. Please designate your desired trade terms/place of receipt.

■Delivery Time

It depends on items, but available for dispatch within 3-6 working days.
At your order, we’ll inform you the approximate delivery schedule. After dispatching, we’ll inform you the tracking number.
As to further details, please view our international shipping policy.